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Hi! My name is Carmina Soler, even though my friends call me Charm.

"Charm in Motion" came up with the idea to merge: the nickname and the essence of my profession when I first started as a freelance.

I am a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer from Barcelona (Spain).



After graduating from ESDI as a Digital and Graphic Designer in 2006 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Master’s in Motion Graphics at Video Symphony. Once I finished the Master’s degree I came back to Barcelona and started working as a freelance on animated videos about products, services, and concepts for companies which needed to explain them in a dynamic way. Here you can see some of my animation work.




While in L.A. I have been working on personal illustrations and patterns. Check them out here.

My Illustration style is mainly based on vectors, using vivid colors. I love the organic look of ribbons flying around the composition and give the sense of 3D to my patterns by playing with lights and shadows.


You can follow my work on my professional Instagram account.


I teach classes on Skillshare, a big online community of creative people who share their knowledge in fields as diverse as DIY, design, lettering, watercolors or photography, among others.


I also have a Redbubble store where you can buy a big range of products with my illustrations.

In 2012, after 5 years freelancing, I had the opportunity to work at
Hewlett Packard (HP) company in Worldwide GSB Marketing Dept. managing the photo shootings for the new products and the graphic materials needed for marketing purposes.

During this time, I took online courses such as “Make It In Design” by Rachael Taylor, and “Make Art That Sells” by Lila Rogers. 

You can find my full resume in my LinkedIn page.


3 years later, things changed, I got married and moved back to Los Angeles with my husband to live a new experience. You can follow my journey in my personal Instagram account.

The aim of my website is to show my personal style of work for anyone interested in buying or licensing it. I’m also open to commission projects. You can contact me here.


I hope you love my work, but please do not download any of the designs and printout for personal use or commercial purpose or use my designs on websites, blogs or similar without my permission. Thanks.